Havana area struck by tornado

On Sunday afternoon, January 27, an F-3, or in some news reports an F-4, tornado struck the Havana area. Reuters reported that this was the strongest one to hit Cuba in close to 80 years.  Campo Amor, Arroyo, Cojimar were spared. But Guanabacoa, Regal, and Roble were not. There is extensive damage to all these areas. A lot of the houses and buildings were already in bad condition before this tragic event. We are still receiving information from all the house churches. Please pray for all our brothers and sisters, and all of their neighbors. I will be headed to Cuba March 1st and would love to take a love offering to help with the reconstruction. If you feel lead to help our brothers and sisters, please go to the donation page of our website to donate. All gifts given until March 1, 2019 will go to the love offering to aid with the reconstruction from the damage of the tornado.